Boutique Creatures

Shooting product is a different experience for me. I’m used to photographing people who I can interact with. We laugh and joke and share stories. There’s a few other people there for hair and makeup etc. Product is a very lonely session…but not unpleasant. I did end up doing most of my thinking out loud. The entire session was quietly satisfying. A nice change of pace from the quick hustle of the usual fashion shoots.


Product Port 2 copy 128057355 copy Product


A few shots I did for a local modelling agency before a product shoot with the same crew in the afternoon. Spent most of this shoot moving lights around trying to get it “just right”. We were all looking for different things, myself, stylist, makeup artist. Eventually we just went with basic butterfly light from a giant light source.

Salome 6 copy Salome 12 copySalome