Last summer I spent a few days driving around with a landscape designer who specialized in water features. We made a point of going on overcast days to try and keep the lighting as even as possible. Early afternoon to get as much light as possible, clouds turn the sky into a large even light source. With as many plants and tall trees as there were in and around what I was shooting, waiting for “golden hour” would have been too short a shooting window with too many shadows obscuring the gardens.

Garden Garden Garden Flowers Flower Flower

Satay Brothers

Food photography is a lot of fun. Especially, for me, on location where the food is made. The smells from the kitchen, the chef expressing his or her passion about the food that is being served and photographed…plus if it’s cooked and not covered in motor oil for an aesthetic then someone gets to eat it after! This was done with a very small setup since the kitchen was active and the restaurant full. I learned a lot about kitchen life in a busy restaurant and many of them learned a few things about photography. We shared stories, food, drink, and gained a few new skill.

SatayBrothers 2 copy SatayBrothers 4 copy SatayBrothers 18 copy SatayBrothers 23 copy SatayBrothers 93 copy SatayBrothers 96 copy SatayBrothers 105 copy

The Pug

On one of my walks I stopped in at DFA Tattoo and climbed to the top floor. When I walked in I noticed a tinny little shadow that seemed to be casting itself. As I looked it came towards me and introduced itself as Meatball, the 3 month old pug.

This is Meatball and some of her friends.

Meatball 67 copy Meatball 51 copy Meatball 49 copy Meatball 34 copy Meatball 31 copy Meatball 27 copy